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"GO FRESH!" Products for the Home


"GO FRESH!" Products offer Economical, Healthy and Green solutions to feeding your family, as well as the families around the world.  By conserving the produce we use everyday, we save money.  The average family throws out $2300 of old lettuce and rotten tomatoes every year.  At that rate, a family can pay for a full year of college at a 4-year University with 4 years worth of spoiled lettuce and rotten tomotes. 


Families using "GO FRESH!" also save valuable time traveling back and forth to the supermarket to restock the shelves.  Weekly trips can be reduced and families gain precious moments to do the things they want to do.


By conserving fruits and vegetables here at home, we become socially conscious in doing our part to help those less fortunate  living in other parts of the world.  The soft oranges and mushy apples that you no longer throw in the garbage could easily end up being the only fruit a needy child in a 3rd world country gets to eat all month. 


Think about it! Go Fresh...Waste Less!


"GO FRESH!" Stick Ups stick to the wall anywhere fruits and vegetables are housed.  “Go Fresh!” Stick Ups pop open for immediate freshness, and last up to 60 days.


Use "GO FRESH!" Bowls to store your fruits and vegetables on the countertop and keep them fresh and tatsy. 


Use these stylish "GO FRESH!" Hangers near fruits on the countertop or kitchen cabinet. Fresh never looked so good.


Pack fruits or vegetables for breakfast or lunch using “GO FRESH!” On the Go Squares. These “Go Fresh!” On the Go Squares pack easily into a lunch box or snack sack.  Extend the life of fresh fruit and veggies to eat at work, on the road or on the go.


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